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The Yoga retreat for men takes place in a friendly and welcoming surrounding.
Daily morning Yoga asanas practice, themed workshops and excursions in the afternoon.

Being myself a gay man, the retreat is naturally gay friendly but not necessarily gay only.
Tolerance and friendliness are the keys to a serene and safe atmosphere.


Time to relax on the beach, to enjoy a traditional massage with a healthy and balanced diet.
A yoga vacation for men is an opportunity to discover yoga as a way of life.
The yoga vacation for men is the best way to treat yourself to wholesome wellness.


The yoga practice is adapted to the male physionomy.

The natural men yoga retreat is a rare opportunity to practice yoga in a very comfortable way.
The practice is open to nakedness but naked practice is not imposed in any way.


I am still in top form and I am doing my best to preserve all the beautiful energies that I was able to inhale thanks to the sun, the amazing ocean and of course thanks to all the wonderful moments spent with you the other guests that I met during the small month I spent in varkala

If you are thinking about enriching your life then this is the place for you. Like me, you may never want to leave, but if and when you do you will be stronger, healthier and happier than you thought possible.

Mark stands out as a rare example of what it means to be authentic, masterful and true. His generosity of spirit, heart and mind is a living example of the power of Yoga.

Regardless of your level of yoga experience, Mark has the ability to challenge you, to guide you, and to enrich your own practice.

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It is with hesitation that I comment on how beautiful Varkala is, it is a jewel that I would rather the world didn’t know about. Varkala provides the perfect location and is in complete harmony with Marks yoga retreat.

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On the emotional and mental plane, in relation to the practice of asanas, mark enabled me to understand many subtleties that now make me stand straight and breath in a harmonious way.

I was so happy to spend this yoga retreat with you, so much sharing and discovery… thank you for the pleasure that you take in teaching yoga and giving back so much of your yogic knowledge.

One week after the yoga retreat finished and I am still feeling physically energized and dynamic. I feel an inner strength unknown to me beforehand. I am simply in better shape. The body and the mind are functioning together. Before this yoga retreat I had very little knowledge about yoga practice and now I am a living example of the benefits, a wonderful discovery.

I must admit that all the personalized advice you gave me was very necessary for me to move forward and understand. I also thank you for making me understand the importance of rest, enabling my body to recover and feed me and pursue the learning and evolution process whilst resting. This was so important to take me further. You made me understand the importance of breath and you introduced me to it, you thought me how to breathe. I am now back home and the learning process is ongoing, I stretch daily, I take time to breath with conscience and slowly my body is changing its natural way of moving and breathing. Thank you so much

One of the advantages of a week long practice is that you have the opportunity to discover many postures. Mark is great at this, every class is different, building on what was learnt and pushing little further or simply letting the body take it in through the use of restorative postures. Mark’s classes are a wealth of asanas.

The yoga class for men allows you to practice yoga daily and thus progress in physical practice. It is also an opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of what yoga is for oneself. In the morning, the course is intense and complete, it lasts 2 hours. Daily practice makes it possible to fix and deepen the bases of the practice, to visit the different possibilities of practice and to taste a wide variety of postures. Four afternoons are devoted to workshop practices. The workshops are an opportunity to work in groups on a theme such as stretching, muscle strengthening, pranayama and meditation techniques as well as tantra and male eroticism. Tantric massages are available as an option. I also offer massage training in Ayurvedic and Tantric massage techniques. They are subject to a prior reservation so that all the necessary attention to theses sessions and their can be provided.
Moments of relaxation and rest are planned, the beach, the house are perfect places to lounge, nap. Rest is an activity not to be neglected. Excursions are planned to discover the natural settings and the local culture.

The yoga classes between men are an opportunity to share experience in comfortable and friendly company, the setting is authentic and pretty idyllic. The yoga course for men is a retreat from the life in the city, from the western lifestyle, from certain eating habits. The yoga retreat for men is a way to reconnect with oneself and others through the practice of yoga, moments of relaxation and moments of life.

The package is all-inclusive. For people who want to enrich their experience with options, extensions and customizations like the ones described below, it’s quite possible:

Extra nights and classes
Cures for detoxification – I can organize and accompany the people who wish it in a diet and detoxification of 21 days in an authentic ayurvedic and naturopathy medical center
Tantric and erotic massage – It is possible to receive tantric and erotic treatments
Massage training – Ayurvedic massage, Tantric massage, Thai massage
Tailor-made tour – It is possible to organize a discovery tour of the Kerala region, Tamil Nadu or some other part of India and even other parts of the world.




About Me
About my massages
Beach photos
  • 900 Euros all inclusive (excluding flight)

  • Yoga practice – every morning – 2 hours

  • Workshops – afternoons – themed sessions

    • Muscular reinforcements
    • Dynamic strectching
    • Pranayama and meditation
    • Tantra and eroticism
  • Excursions :

    • Backwaters, cruise on the canal
    • Temples and local culture
  • Ayurvedic massages – 3 treatments

  • Dates of the yoga retreats :

    • 2017, december 12 to 20
    • 2018, january 9 to 17
    • 2018, february 6 to 14

    Classes Wednesday to Tuesday – Accommodation Tuesday to Wednesday

  • What is not included :

  • Outside of these dates, from december to mid march

    • Private holidays and tours
    • For couples, individuals or small groups
  • What the package includes :

    • 8 nights in private room
    • Full board, vegetarian
    • Daily yoga classes (x7)
    • Themed workshops (x4)
    • Ayurvedic massages (x3)
    • Excursions (x2)
    • Airport transferts (x2)

yoga retreat for menVARKALA BEACH

Beach Photos

The house and the bungalows are located 5 minutes from the beach.
The house is equipped for yoga and massage practice.
Relaxation spaces are set up in the house.
Accommodation is in bungalows.
Nakedness is possible within the house, its not imposed.
Freedom and respect are the golden rules.

Meals are served in the quiet and natural surrounding of the garden of the house.
Meals are freshly prepared with fresh produce for each meal.
Meals are keralese, vegetarian and not too spicy.

Rooms are individual (not shared) and each has its bathroom and toilet.
The house is quiet, cool and peaceful.
The rooms and the house are equipped with mosquito nets.

  • Options are available
    They are not included in te package price

    • Ayurvedic detoxification in a clinic
      • 7 days – 420 euros
      • 14 days – 800 euros
      • 21 days – 1200 euros
    • Extra nights – 5 nights package – 300 euros
    • Extra massages – from 20 to 35 euros for traditional massages
    • Tantric massages – based on my standard pricing – www.gaymassages.fr
    • Massage training – 5 days / 15 hours
      • Ayurvedic – 350 euros
      • Thaï – 300 euros
      • Tantric – 400 euros
    • Private circuit, excursions and tours

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